Highlights from Linda Kuhlmann’s Presentation: The Pros & Cons of Self-publishing

Ashleigh RousselleBy Ashleigh Rousselle

Print on Demand Publishing:

  • Print on Demand (POD) means your book is printed as it is ordered.
  • How to find a self-publishing house: look in the books that you read. Check quality and price of the book.
  • Contracts are a balancing act. Be aware of which rights you’re giving up. Attorneys can looks at contracts and help you navigate.
  • Some places will literally judge your book by its cover.
  • Pay for editing! Published mistakes are embarrassing!
  • A galley is a pre-publication copy of your book, a “tell-me-what-you-think-of-this” copy. Once your book gets reviews, you can put them on the back cover or inside your book.
  • The best thing you can do is network. Be nice to everyone, you never know where contacts will lead you.
  • Have a promo copy of your work wherever you go. Promote yourself. Go into bookstores and talk to people. Get them to order your books. Don’t take “no” for an answer.
  • Types of editors: Line (grammar), Content (location, time line of story, consistent eye color), and Story (actual storyline—does it flow?). However it’s your story. You don’t have to make changes.
  • Become your own publisher to combat discrimination against POD. Purchase ISBN numbers at www.Bowker.com. Create Business name, and Logo—register you publishing business with the state, and send manuscripts to book finishing service.
  • Define your audience: think of places outside of the bookstore where your book could be sold. For instance a book about a horse for sale in a horse supply store or at the race track.
  • Create contact lists: independent and chain bookstores, librarians, book club members. Start event mailing lists.
  • You have to take yourself seriously. Self-publishing is a business not a hobby.

Traditional Publishing:

  • Can possibly be 2-10 year process to get a book published.
  • Get an agent, then agent gets a publisher. Possible advance, editing rewrites, cover design, and text formatting, marketing advantages, large bookstore chain support.

POD Publishers List (examine initial set up costs):




www.createspace.com (through Amazon

Additional Services/Fees: Editing services, marketing packages, galley costs, time, cost of books to writer, return policy costs (optional)

Independent Book Publishers List:

Independent Book Publishers Assn. (www.pma-online.org)

Book Marketing & Book Promotion (www.bookmarket.com)

You can learn more about author, Linda Kuhlmann at her website.


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